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Q: Is this a pyramid or matrix scheme?

A: Since there is no fee required to join our website, it is not considered a pyramid or matrix scheme. In a pyramid scheme, existing members are rewarded with fees paid by new members and the process is repeated continuously. Our site works on the affiliate marketing model - you basically become an affiliate of ours and we pass the commission on to you in the form of a free gift. 

Q: What countries are allowed to participate?

A: Currently, we allow registration from residents of the United States, Canada & the United Kingdom. In 2011, we plan to further expand to other countries, Australia being first and others to follow. 

Q: Can I sign up from a shared or public computer/internet connection?

A: No, you need to sign up from your own computer using your own internet connection. Since we do not allow multiple accounts from the same computer/IP address, you run the risk of disqualification since someone may have already joined our site using that connection. 

Q: How can ZipNadaZilch afford to give away free gifts?

A: ZipNadaZilch receives commissions from our advertisers for each new customer we bring them. These commissions are used to pay for your free gift. 

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